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My fics--in the order they were written

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Jul. 25th, 2007 | 10:33 pm
posted by: simple__man in simple__stuff

Your guide to all my fics, ficlets, drabbles, and whatnot is

11/02/05 Three smutty haiku Here.
11/25/05 Two HP drabbles, Remus/Severus, "Substitute" and "Benefits" Here.
01/04/06 Burden, House gen drabble Here.
01/09/06 The Ease of Long Practice, (H/W) unrequited, character death Here.
01/11/06 Ending the Day, (H/W) fluff Here.
01/15/06 Deconstructing the Pedestals, (H/W) dark!fic Here.
01/19/06 Getting it Together, (H/W) fluff Here.
01/20/06 House in Haiku, (H/W) humor Here.
02/08/06 Therapy, (H/W) humor/fluff Here.
05/14/06 All Over But The Crying, (H/W) angst, hw_fest entry Here.
05/20/06 Denial's Taste is Bittersweet, (H/W) unrequited Here.
05/22/06 What He Does Best, (H/W) friendship Here.
05/28/06 Ten Drabbles, House-related Here.
05/28/06 Doomed, (H/W) drabble cross-dressing Here.
05/29/06 Ten (More) Drabbles, House-related Here.
05/30/06 The Bet, (H/W) dialogue-only Here.
06/08/06 Whistling in the Dark, (H/W) fluff Here.
06/10/06 Untitled comment drabble, (H/W) Here.
08/29/06 Terminal Case, (H/W) fluff Here.
09/02/06 50 Dresden Files sentences, (Harry/Karrin) Here.
09/03/06 Five Times Booth Wished he was a Squint; Bones (B/B) Here
09/04/06 Five Ways Booth and Brennan Don't Spend Valentine's Together; Bones (B/B) Here.
09/04/06 Five Times Wilson Got Up and Left, (H/W) Here.
09/09/06 Drabbles (various fandoms) Here.
09/10/06 MOre Drabbles (various fandoms) Here.
09/10/06 Wanderlust, House drabble Here.
09/12/06 Four word prompt ficlets, Firefly/Buffy/Angel/House Here.
09/12/06 Word prompt ficlet, Bones Here.
09/13/06 Hopeless, word prompt ficlet, HP (Snape/Neville) Here.
09/15/06 Enough, word prompt ficlet, House (House/Cameron) Here..
09/17/06 Clingy, Obsessive, House (Stacy/Cameron); The List, Dresden Files (Thomas; Harry/Karrin); Waiting, Firefly (Mal/Simon); Good Times, word prompt ficlet, Angel (Wes/Fred, Angel/Spike) Here.
09/23/06 Old Age and Treachery, Angel (Connor gen); Seeing Clearly, Firefly (Mal/Simon); Never Boring, House (H/W pre); Disgusted, Bones (B/B pre) Raffle prompts Here.
09/26/06 Reminiscent, HP (Harry/Draco) Here.
09/30/06 Five Drabbles, House (H/W) Here.
10/02/06 Hunter (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Unplanned (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Like Children Often Do (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 The Experiment (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Caned (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Blame it on the Sake (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Risk (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Commencement (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 The Plan (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Stitches (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 By the Book (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 Reflection (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/02/06 A Shift in Gears (H/W) First Kisses meme Here.
10/05/06 Drabbles (H/W) Here.
10/06/06 Kick-start Drabbles 1-10 (H/W) Here.
10/11/06 Go Away (H/W) dialogue-only Here.
10/12/06 Biting, BtVS (Spike/Xander) Here.
10/12/06 Control, Good Omens (Crowley/Aziraphale Here.
10/12/06 For His Sake, Ch 1, House/HP crossover (H/W; Snupin) Incomplete Here.
10/13/06 Whatever Works (H/W) Here.
10/15/06 Kick-start Drabbles 11-20 (H/W) Here.
10/22/06 Light Socket, BtVS (Spike, Dawn); All the Luck, Dresden Files (Harry/Karrin) Here.
11/05/06 Fine Again, House (H/W mentions, Cuddy/Julie implications) Here.
11/05/06 For His Sake, Ch 2, House/HP crossover (H/W; Snupin) Incomplete Here.
11/12/06 Kick-start Drabbles 21-30 (H/W) Here.
11/13/06 Kick-start Drabbles 31-40 (H/W) haiku/poetry Here.
11/26/06 High-Stakes (H/W) crossdressing Here.
12/03/06 Random drabbles (H/W) Here.
12/09/06 Brilliant (H/W; Churchverse) dialogue-only Here.
12/10/06 Road Trip (H/W; Churchverse) dialogue-only Here.
12/14/06 Nine Months (and Change), (H/W; Churchverse) dialogue-onlyHere.
12/16/06 Their Speaking Silence (H/W) Here.
12/16/06 Dream On (H/W) masturbation Here.
12/17/06 The Twelve Days of Chrismukkah (H/W; Churchverse) dialogue-only Here.
12/19/06 More First Kisses (H/W) Here.
12/25/06 Tell Me a Story (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
12/30/06 Sold the World (H/W) Here.
12/30/06 Continuum (H/W) AU--space Here.
01/01/07 Daily Drabble #1 Resolutions (H/W)Here.
01/02/07 Daily Drabble #2 Nascent (H/W> Here.
01/03/07 Daily Drabble #3 Pseudo-marriage aka the one about the rings (H/W) Here.
01/04/07 Daily Drabble #4 Sick Wilson (H/W) Here.
01/05/07 Daily Drabble #5 Post-MLC (H/W) Here.
01/06/07 Daily Drabble #6 House dreams of running... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/06/07 Coming in from the Cold, House (House/Foreman) Here.
01/07/07 Daily Drabble #7 House's childhood pictures (H/W) Here.
01/08/07 Daily Drabble #8 After the proposal (H/W) Here.
01/08/07 Sick Day (H/W; Churchverse) dialogue-onlyHere.
01/09/07 Daily Drabble #9 In the middle of the night... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/10/07 Daily Drabble #10 Shopping for wedding rings (H/W) Here.
01/11/07 Daily Drabble #11 House does the laundry (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/12/07 Daily Drabble #12 Best honeymoon ever (H/W) Here.
01/13/07 Daily Drabble #13 Wife the Second finds out... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/14/07 Daily Drabble #14 Julie finds out... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/14/07 The Mystery of Starlight (H/W) pre-slash Here.
01/15/07 Daily Drabble #15 Wife the First finds out... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/16/07 Daily Drabble #16 Stacy finds out... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/17/07 Daily Drabble #17 Stacy calls Wilson... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/18/07 Daily Drabble #18 Stacy's progress reports... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/19/07 Daily Drabble #19 Stacy sees the brat... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
01/20/07 Daily Drabble #20 Stacy meets the brat... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/05/07 Daily Drabble #21 Stacy visits the hospital... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/05/07 Daily Drabble #22 Stacy goes to a funeral (Church speaks)... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/07/07 Daily Drabble #23 Stacy goes to a funeral (Wilson speaks)... (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/08/07 Daily Drabble #24 Stacy finally gets it... Here.
02/10/07 Daily Drabble #25 Tell me a story (aftermath of char death) (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/12/07 Daily Drabble #26 Tell me a story (cont) (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/14/07 Daily Drabble #27 Tell me a story (cont) (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/17/07 Daily Drabble #28 Tell me a story (cont) (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/17/07 Check Yes or No, House (House/Foreman) Here.
02/20/07 Daddy Daycare (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/26/07 Cheating 1/12 (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
02/27/07 Cheating 2/12 (H/W; Churchverse) dialogue-only Here.
02/28/07 Cheating 3/12 (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
03/03/07 Cheating 4/12 (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
05/06/07 Believing in Futures (H/W) Here.
06/02/07 Take a Picture (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
06/06/07 Sink or Swim (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
06/24/07 Not Responsible, Angel (Spike/Angel) Here.
07/18/07 The Wilson Manifesto (H/W; Churchverse) Here.
07/20/07 The Instigator, sequel to Continuum (H/W) AU--space Here.
07/22/07 Carry On (H/W; Churchverse) Here.

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Comments {9}

Nicky Tai

(no subject)

from: simple__man
date: Jul. 28th, 2007 08:54 pm (UTC)

oh pout. I'll have to see if I can find them in an unlocked location. Glad you told me. Gah, I so do, but I keep getting scared and running away ^^ I saw the cutest name for the Snape/Neville pairing the other day, "Neverus". How sweet they are.

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wanna see a magic trick?

(no subject)

from: phoenixangel13
date: Jul. 28th, 2007 09:00 pm (UTC)

aww that's cute ^^, they are a sweet pairing. haha don't be scared!

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